Advisory Board

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Advisory Board Members

Provide invaluable expertise, insight and experience to support the


Mission Plan.

Kalen Arreola

US Army Veteran, Iraq OIF V

Brand Strategist @

Kalen is a passionate veterans advocate and believes that every service member should tell their story.

Kalen Marie Consulting helps solopreneurs execute beautiful brands from zero to market in 30 days so they can start generating leads and sales.

Colin Clark

Colin Clark is a longtime Friend and Supporter of those who Serve(d) our Country.

Colin has been helping LLC for over 10 years and ThankYouforYourService.US. His help and advice has been a big part of the TalkingwithHeroes Mission being what it is today.

Colin Clark based  in Colorado is a successful business man, and son of Judge William Clark who was National Security Advisor in the Reagan Administration.

See Book – The Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top Hand by Paul Kengor