February 2019 ThankYouforYourService.US 501 C3 Updates

February 2019 ThankYouforYourService.US 501 C3 Updates

Hello everybody

As many of you know we now have approval for ThankYouforYourService.us to be a Not for Profit organization thanks to Ziliak Law Firm in Chicago and to Colin Clark in Colorado.


Thanks to a Grand Writer Anita Nowocin guiding us we also now have our Dunn & Bradstreet and SAM and CAGE Numbers.


As of a week ago we have one Grant Application that has been submitted to Grants.Gov. We needed the SAM and CAGE Numbers in addition to the Dunn & Bradstreet numbers to be able to apply for government grants.


We Also now have a Donation Button on the ThankYouforYourService.US Home page. Each donation is Tax Deductible.


Every Donation will get us closer to the bid of $15,000 that we were given to turn ThankYouforYourService.US into a Social Media Platform.


Between a combination of individual tax deductible donations and Grants we will be able to build America’s New Social Media site focused on collaborating with and helping Military and Veterans and First Responders and Families and the Support Groups and Companies across America and in other Countries where we have Military Bases.


While we are working on this we also have been planning more local in Colorado Springs video programs.


Feb 2, 2019 we organized our first Meet and Greet with Military and Veterans Support Groups thanks to a local hotel SPC Hotel. Information and links to the two videos are posting at


For information or ideas to help please email Founder Bob Calvert