Military Veterans First Responders Non Profits Resources

Military Veterans First Responders Non Profits Resources

The following are organizations registered on our Non Profit site with information of their mission(s) More Sites can be added. 

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Updated July 19, 2022

May the Resources below be of Service and Help to Many!!!! 

Name: Robert Calvert
Business/Organization Name: LLC
Address: 750 E Cheyenne Road #250
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905
United States
Phone: +1 – 7193107814 LLC began as an audio online talk show program in Dec 5, 2005. From 2006-2011 we made 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan going on missions with our Troops. We have many videos showing without editing how they were helping the local people. We filmed inside the wire
too including on some FOB’s with Chaplains and in their places of Worship.

After 2011 we went around the country filming video interviews with Veterans, Families, Military and Veterans Support Groups, Companies that Hire Veterans and Military Spouses and much more. Over 500 videos can be watched now at

Over the decades ahead we will continue to Help those who Serve(d) both in the Military and First Responders and also the Non Profits and Corporations
and Professional people who Help and Support those who Serve(d). with our new 501 C3 expanded National Resource Directory.

Websites and social media platforms: Our New Shopping site



Name: Matthew Burke
Organization Name: 10Can, Inc.
Address: PO BOX 1122
United States
Phone: +1 – 3522191139

We Are 10 CAN, inc. Saving Heroes… Raising Warriors… Restoring Hope…Through Faith, Family, & the Great Outdoors.

The storm stirred deep inside, and nobody knew what he could hide. The turmoil and chaos held within, laid in wait after the battles’ end. The warrior should have received a hero’s death, but instead he destroys all that’s left. Empty of faith, void of feeling, nothing was available that could offer healing. Poked and prodded and given the gauntlet, everyone fears the unknown and haunted. But one rose above them all, after receiving a Heavenly call. To serve and protect those in need, began a mission of purpose indeed. To bridge a gap and create a link, between families who fight and those who think. Welcome to the rise of 10 CAN, Inc. – Dr. Matthew R. Burkee

Do you believe there’s a cure for PTSD? Neither did we. Until recently, Post-Traumatic Stress was considered the most complex phenomena of the mind. Treatment plans reflected this belief, with overly complex formulas and high doses of medication(s). But the continuous rise in warrior suicides prompted innovative change. In such, 10 CAN was born

10 CAN, Inc. is the Christian Adventure Network founded by a wounded warrior to serve military and first responder families. We are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization designed to save heroes, raise the next generation of warriors, and restore families through the great outdoors. Our focus on outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation fosters healing, prevents suicides, and builds community. Our faith-based approach is non-religious and encompasses a fit-to-fight model for the entire family. Spiritual well-being, mental health, and physical abilities establish a diverse and well-rounded approach for our Heroes and their families.

Our simplified solution with dynamic resolve has a 100% success rate in suicide prevention. In his book Saving Heroes, Dr. Burke provides the formula to the working cure. You’ll note that treating the variety of traumatic stresses requires a fitted approach for each warrior. With childhood roots and nature being the main ingredients, it’s imperative that we aim to be proactive in medicine.

We are a church of sorts, using the outdoors as our sanctuary for spiritual healing and growth. Our model of ministry is action driven, adventurous, and often vicarious. Bridging the gap between the Church and Warriors is a vital part of the cure. Faith is the antiseptic for moral wounds. Without it, we’re merely pacifying. The diversity of military and first responder families require a variety of outreach programs. Although Hunting, Fishing, and Survival are our three main programs, we’re not limited in scope of service.

We aim to create purpose-driven, resilient, healthy warriors ready to positively impact their community and country. We empower post-traumatic growth by offering Spiritual Combat Training. The Rite of Passage helps youth draw a line in the sand to mark their transformation into emerging adulthood. Revivals replace retreats because we refuse to run and hide. Disaster and Crisis Response, fields critical needs across the Nation. Agri-therapy teaches to create life, rather than destroy it. And Hoorah Therapy reaches those warriors who don’t benefit from soft therapies (I.E. Yoga, talking, art, etc.).

We evangelize through action, adventure, and the great outdoors. We believe that a solid childhood foundation equates to effective and resilient adulthood. This is a proactive approach to solving the medical phenomena of PTSD, reducing criminal behavior, and changing the world through our backyard. We enhance the quality of life for our Heroes by bridging the family gap created during combat; empower self-healing through faith and purpose; and develop future warriors who are equipped to handle Secondary Traumatic Stress and Post-Traumatic Stress. While the most effective healing happens at home, it is a strong root system that keeps a tree standing through the storm.

History of Our Name
Divinely inspired, “10 CAN” represents the number of life elements we require to be whole. Imagine a 10-spoke wheel. If one spoke is broken, the entire wheel is off balance. So goes life. Fortunately, God has given us a checkbox simple solution.

It’s an honor to work with businesses, organizations, churches, ministries, schools, government agencies, and individuals of various backgrounds. We are not bound by political or religious thresholds and reach deep into the heart of communities where others are unable to go. Partnerships allow us to provide our expertise in hosting adventures, while leaning on partners for service referrals.

To save heroes, raise warriors, and restore families through the great outdoors.

To create a global outreach of volunteers empowered to prevent suicides and heal moral wounds. To develop relationships between Warriors and Jesus Christ.
To raise public leaders who are conservation minded, strong in character, and compassionate for one another. To diversify the outdoors with women, youth, and minorities. To give warriors purpose, meaning, and reason. To motivate wounded military and first responder personnel through outdoor
ministry. To enrich the lives of children through diversity in the outdoors. To promote impact-driven adolescents through a Wilderness Survival Rite of Passage. And to demonstrate that God is mightier than your storm.

Centralize and consolidate a coalition of service organizations that disabled warriors can easily navigate.
Launch Chapters around the world through churches., military instillations, and first responder departments. Cure PTSD and prevent suicides. Defeat hate, corruption, greed, lust, and envy through love, adventure, and world peace.

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Joseph LaBranche
Business/Organization Name: AboutFace-USA, Inc.
Address: 4920 Atlanta Hwy., #403
Alpharetta, GA 30004 United States
Phone: 404-862-2141

AboutFace-USA® Training Village
We turn lives around for Veterans, First Responders and their Families by providing peer-led, confidential counseling and powerful resources.

The founder of AboutFace‐USA® is Joe LaBranche, a Marine Veteran who served our country for two years, at age 20 in 1966, and received two Purple
Heart medals due to being wounded in the Vietnam jungles. His injuries healed and he returned to combat.

When Joe’s service came to an end, he returned to the states and within 72 hours was back to civilian life in Detroit, Michigan. Joe’s Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms were clearly showing but mental health services were limited and the stigma of needing help was extreme. His symptoms showed up as bad behaviors and addictions throughout his adult life and affected his relationships with his spouse and children, his community and spiritual leaders and with his employers and co‐workers. It took Joe over 40 years to get the courage to seek help for his PTS symptoms. Now, Joe knows that mental health treatments, therapies and medications can work.

Our Mission
To encourage and empower veterans, first responders, and their family members to turn their lives around for the better.

While Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms can be mild to extreme, and they can come and go without rational explanations, PTS can interfere with  relationships, employment, and even daily decisions. PTS does not have to be combat related, but certainly trauma has been experienced or witnessed by those who suffer from PTS symptoms. It is time to get past the stigma and confront our mental health concerns.

According to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation: An estimated 1 in 5 veterans of all eras suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or depression. More than a quarter million OEF/OIF veterans suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Approximately 53% of homeless veterans have disabilities. In addition, more than half of the homeless veteran population in the United States has a mental disability.

AboutFace‐USA® is a peer-led community organization existing, as an initial point of contact, to empower and encourage veterans, first‐responders and their families to find help. We provide support services, activities and resources geared toward understanding mental health so that they can
cope better, improve their relationships, and change the direction of their future for the better.



Name: Vincent Esposito
Business/Organization Name: EVOK Health
Address: 58 Lakeview Avenue Ludlow, MA 01056-2840 United States

What do you have to offer: On The Art of Eating, two food obsessed doctors chat about what they’re cooking this week, food science, holistic health strategies, new research, & everything in between.

Websites and social media platforms:
Twitter: @artofeatingpodcast

Check out my Facebook Group: Healthy Gut, Healthy You
The Art of Eating Podcast:
EVOK Health
Inside Out Health & Wellness


Name: Nate Gillette Business/NonProfit
Organization Name: NoBarriersUSA.Org
Address: 317 Stover St. Fort Collins, CO 80524 United States
Phone: +1-9704843633

No Barriers Warriors, a program of No Barriers, improves the lives of veterans with disabilities through curriculum-based experiences in challenging environments. Our free veterans’ expeditions and outdoor programs serve as both an opportunity for growth and a catalyst for change as these brave men and women stretch physical and emotional boundaries, foster camaraderie, pioneer through adversity, and step up to serve others. Our veterans outdoor programs have taken our teams to breathtaking sites all over the world, tackling adventures like: *Trekking through the iconic mountains of Ecuador, Nepal, the Colorado Rockies, and Wyoming’s Wind River Range Skiing through arctic conditions to reach the South Pole *Rock climbing at the classic, towering cliffs of the Shawangunk Mountains *Trekking across the Presidential Traverse of the White Mountains *Rafting and sleeping under the stars in the majestic Grand Canyon, AZ, and Salmon River, ID The best part? All programs and expeditions are free for veterans.

Website and Social Media info:


Name: Mark Mhley
Business/Organization Name: Re4ormed LLC
Address: 123 Conduit Street Annapolis, Maryland 21401 United States
Phone: +1-7573488461

Re4ormed offers low-cost merchant services (credit card processing) tailored for Veteran and Military-Spouse Small Businesses, Veteran hiring assistance, as well as assistance in securing the Federal tax credits that are worth up to $9600 per veteran hire.


Name: Gordon Sumner PhD Colonel USA (Retired)
Business/Organization Name: Veterans Moving Forward, Inc.
Address: 44225 Mercure Circle, Suite 130 Dulles, Virginia 20166 United States
Phone: +1 – 7036652129

Veterans Moving Forward (VMF) is a volunteer organization. We need volunteers who are committed, compassionate and want to make a difference in the lives of veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges. If you are skilled in writing, editing, and publishing; willing to learn about VMF
and how we operate, and write about it, we would welcome your time and talent. Content writers develop content for news releases, VMF’s newsletter, VMF marketing materials, and other public facing media communications.

If you are skilled and experienced in event planning and coordination and have strong interpersonal and communications skills, we would love for you to join our team. Event Planners/Coordinators are responsible for event planning and coordination, communicating and working with event site
personnel and staff, coordinating with VMF’s social media POCs, and working with VMF personnel.

We are seeking friendly, outgoing and personable volunteers to help with our public outreach events, and experienced fundraisers to help with our fundraising program and initiatives. If you are a veteran, or have experience working with veterans, and have strong interpersonal and communications skills, we would love to welcome you onto our volunteer team.

Our veteran team volunteers review and process veteran applications for a service dog, communicating with veteran applicants, coordinating veteran applicants! Visits to VMF, and conducting follow-up communications with veterans who have received a VMF service dog. In addition to puppy raiser
and puppy sitter volunteers, we need volunteers to assist in canine logistics and training support at VMF’s Training Center in Dulles, Virginia.

Our Canine Therapy Services Program consists of Therapy Dog teams that work alongside professional therapists to provide motivational, educational, recreational and therapeutic benefits to enhance the quality of life for local-area veterans in recovery and rehabilitation, or those who are
seriously ill or confined.

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Martin Mongiello
Business/Organization Name: The Inn of the Patriots, LLC
Address: 301 Cleveland Avenue Grover, North Carolina 28073 United States
Phone: +1-7049372940

We provide free Blue Star Highway tours year-round for veterans and families – free admission!

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Amy Eagen
Business/Organization Name: CO ARNG Transition Assistance Advisor
Address: 12200 East Briarwood Ave, Ste 160 Centennial, Colorado 80112 United States
Phone: +1 – 7202501173

By law, Transition Assistance Advisors “serve as points of contact to assist eligible members of the Reserve Components in accessing benefits and health care furnished under laws administered by the Secretary of Defense and benefits and health care furnished in the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs” PublicLaw112-239, sec 513

The purpose of the Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) program is to provide a professional in each state/territory (some states have two TAAs) to serve as the statewide point of contact to assist Service members in accessing Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care services and benefits. Each TAA also provides assistance in obtaining entitlements through the Military Health System and access to community resources.

The program is designed to serve National Guard members and their families. Additionally, we gladly provide services to members in all components • Over 98% of Transition Assistance Advisors’ are veterans or spouses of military members.

• Many TAAs have worked through the disability process and receive disability compensation.

• We have built strong partnerships and coalitions within the Department of Defense, TRICARE, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), State Directors of VA, Veterans Services Organizations, and State Headquarters groups, such as Family Support, Chaplains Offices, Department of Labor (DoL), and Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

Amy Eagen Colorado Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) Quality Innovation, Inc.,
Contractor Office (720) 250-1173 Cell (307) 421-5834 Fax (720) 250-1199


Name: Donna O’Donnell Figurski
Information about brain injury

On the Air: “Another Fork in the Road” Menu of Radio Shows
Presented by: Donna O’Donnell Figurski

There are interviews with brain injury survivors and caregivers. There are shows with therapists and authors. Discussions of pertinent topics relating to brain injury are also included. I hope you find something that interests you. If there is a topic that you would like me to address on my show, please send me an email at

In the subject area, please write “On the Air” Topic.

Raising Awareness for Brain Injury – one view at a time
Sincerely, Donna O’Donnell Figurski Author of Prisoners without Bars: A Caregiver’s Tale Website:

Brain Injury Radio Show


Name: Matthew Fitzgibbons
Business Name:
Address: 26 Treadwell Ave.
New Milford, CT 06776
Phone: 860-210-8021 started in 2004 with the marriage of Matt Fitzgibbons’ three passions: Writing music, philosophy and history. It’s about award-winning, patriotic songs that celebrates the best of America and inspires people to think, learn, and talk about individual liberty and how to secure it.

With four CDs, singles, multiple awards, live performances, interviews on TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers, original videos, and online shows, has reached millions of people around the world.

Long before politicians starting “rediscovering” the Constitution, we’ve been at the forefront, leading the way, always years ahead of the public discourse, spreading the word that we already have the tools at our disposal to fix this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, and finding positive, creative ways to help secure our natural rights while celebrating those who represent our very best.

When was the last time you read The Declaration of Independence

or The Bill of Rights

They only take a few minutes, but you’ll be glad you did!

Join us and help spread the world.

For Matt Fitzgibbons’ Electronic Press Kit and Bio, please contact us

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Ashley Johnson
Organization Name: American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT)
Address: 23043 Shell Shore Dr
Bullard, Tx 75757
Phone: +1 – 4093325678

Mission Statement: Travel the United States of America with the Cost of Freedom Tribute and Traveling Vietnam Wall. Support Veterans, their family members and Veteran causes through our non-profit – The Texas Freedom Tribute (501c3).

Our Story
AVTT was originally formed in 1998. After several owners it was purchased and reformed in 2005 by Retired Lieutenant Colonel Don Allen (US Army and Vietnam Veteran) and his wife Dr. Barb Allen. When LTC Don Allen retired from the Army he had a calling that drew him to doing something for fellow veterans. He utilized his talents in the very beginning by literally running a one-man show (fabrication, marketing and setting up shows). As time pressed forward, the need for forward and upward growth was imminent.

In 2019, the doors were opened to our current location in Bullard, Texas. We have expanded from our original product to now offering tributes from every major conflict from World War I until today.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) is a multi-division Nationally recognized Veteran owned and operated small business. Our 80% Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, has been part of more than 300 events across the United States over the last 15 years.

So…What Do We Do Exactly?

We are a small committed team that focuses our effort on:

*Booking and traveling the US with our Traveling Tribute.
*Continually developing additional exhibits for the Tribute.
*Developing and providing our exhibits to individuals, organizations and communities.
*Custom designs and fabricates tributes and other patriot exhibits.
*Designs and markets products that celebrate America, Patriotism and Military Service.
*Maintain our culture of honoring those who serve and praising those who support them.
*Maintain a service-oriented business while trying to do the very best for our customers.
*Build our products in our shop with made in USA material and a small but talented group of Patriots.
*AVTT operates two outdoor tributes that travel currently, and one indoor-only tribute which will be deployed in a couple of months.

Our 5000 sq. ft shop in Bullard Texas includes; 2 ISO 8000 XP Rotary Engravers, 2 Boss HP5598 150-watt large platform Lasers, 1 VR48 S5 4′ x 8′ CNC Router / Engraver, and all the equipment needed to work with cutting and fabricating.

If you are coming our way, give us a call we would love to meet ya’ll and show you around our place.

Thanks. Look forward to seeing you.

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Joe Mornini
Business/Organization Name: Team River Runner

Address: 5007 Stone Road
Rockville, MD 209853
United States
Phone: +1 – 3012338882

Founded in 2004 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, we now offer weekly paddling sessions in more than 60  locations across the nation. Team River Runner (TRR) is more than an adaptive sports program; it is an opportunity for veterans, their family members, and everyone in the community to participate

It’s an opportunity to enjoy nature and realize its social, physical, and emotional benefits, whether it’s tackling whitewater rapids or paddling on peaceful flat-water. It’s an environment that facilitates connection, allowing veterans to reunite with their families and forge relationships with those who have endured similar pain. TRR creates purpose and community service. Our veterans are on the river to recovery.

TRR provides all boats, outfitting, safety gear, instruction, transportation, food and lodging for the participants and the volunteers through the generosity of their donors and the subsidies from their providers.

Each chapter:

  • Holds regular pool or open water sessions of approximately 2-3 hours each. Some sites offer multiple sessions per week;
  • Has a quarterly local trip and twice a year family days;
  • Encourages qualified paddlers from any site to participate in the national trips offered to Colorado, Idaho and the Caribbean.

At each event, a paddler gets a chance, in a safe environment, to:

  • Get physical exercise outside the boredom of the hospital;
  • Learn a potentially brand new skill, rather than struggle with a skill he used to be an expert at;
  • Overcome emotional roadblocks left by post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury;
  • Practice basic cognitive sequencing by following small sets of instructions;
  • Bring his family into a new recreational hobby
  • Have fun!!

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Jose Mendez
Business/Organization: Workshops For Warriors
Address: 2970 Main Street
San Diego, California 92113

Workshops for Warriors is a State-licensed, board governed, fully audited 501(c)(3) nonprofit school that trains, certifies, and helps place Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Transitioning Service Members into advanced manufacturing careers.

Workshops for Warriors Founder & CEO Hernán Luis y Prado, a U.S. Navy officer and combat veteran, started WFW out of his garage in 2008. The nonprofit school is now headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: John Ubaldi
Business/Organization Name: Ubaldi Reports
Address: 6401 South Westshore Blvd #1202 Tampa, FL 33616 United States
Phone: 1-813-415-3048

John Ubaldi is president and founder of Ubaldi Reports, which provides credible, political content, addressing domestic and global issues resulting in a well-informed and knowledgeable citizen that can take responsible action of their own choice.

John is a 30 year retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time in the Marine Corps, John has become a foremost authority on Civil Affairs as it relates to Counterinsurgency and Irregular Warfare, and he is an author in various military journals.

His knowledge of Middle Eastern Culture and national security policy has afforded him the opportunity to speak on many national and local news programs such as the syndicated national news program “Washington Journal” and other radio and television programs.

John is a frequent political commentator on KFBK-News Talk radio in Northern California and on WXJB-News Talk radio in Tampa, Florida. John is also a contributor to In Home Land Security News a national public public policy journal that reports breaking news covering topics dealing with terrorism research, emergency preparedness, disaster response, border security, transportation and logistics, military intelligence, law enforcement, cyber-security, and national security.

As a Marine who saw devastation and poverty in the Middle East, John personally organized $6 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. Previously, John worked for a political consulting firm and business organizations which handled many clients at the national and state level affording him the opportunity to provide expertise on a variety of national and international topics.

John has a Master’s Degree in National Security Studies from The American Military University with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento.

Websites and social media platforms:
Twitter- @ubaldireports Facebook- @ubaldireports Instagram- @ubaldireports


Name: Stephen Martin
Business/Organization Name: Explore With Media
Address: 822 HALF N Foote Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone: 214-704-9181

I offer a broad range of creative storytelling, content creation, and media services through photography, videography, and design. I can offer veteran small business owners the ability to create the content they need to be successful in their goals.

Websites and social media platforms:


Name: Michael Buzinski
Business/Organization Name: Better Than Hosting
Address: 911 W 8th Ave Suite 207 Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-272-2899

I’m Michael, but most call me Buzz. I am a disabled veteran who flew aboard the E3 Sentry AWACS for 10 years. I have built hundreds of websites over the last 20+ years, primarily using WordPress.

The one frustration I heard the most over the years was the time drain business owners encounter trying to keep their websites up to date so they run smoothly and the cost of getting the inevitable hack cleaned from their site code. So I decided to create a Managed WordPress hosting company that provides a guaranteed worry-free hosting experience.

Specialties: Digital marketing strategy and planning, website strategy, social media strategy, and media production 20% of our regular prices for 501 C3 organizations

Websites and social media platforms:
Connect with me:
Schedule an Appointment:


Name: Michael Schuler
Company Name: Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc.

Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. “VAR”, a premier IT Asset Dispositioning and Value Recovery (ITAD) service provider based centrally in Dallas and serving clients across the US. We partner with MSPs, distributors and retailers around the country to assist them and their clients as they migrate and upgrade their technology investments. VAR makes engaging with the secondary market easy (and profitable) as we handle all aspects of:

IT Asset Dispositioning – Including pick-ups, remote packing and logistics, product cataloging and serialized asset reporting. Product and Project Valuation – VAR will provide a firm valuation of your Client’s products and the associated recovery they can expect.

Data Destruction Services – Providing you a Certificate of Data Destruction and Transfer of Liability document, VAR uses a NIST 800-88R1 compliant protocol for data destruction (this protocol replaced the DOD wiping protocol).

Serialized Audit – VAR captures all details regarding the products received (manufacturer, model, serial number, condition and resale price).

Product Resale and Value Recovery – Using a global resale channel cultivated over four decades, we recover top dollar for equipment. Additionally, we offer referral Commissions that can be paid to MicroAge Corporate or your sales team E-Waste Disposal – For assets that can’t be resold, we’ll ensure that they are properly disposed of to eliminate impact any impact on the environment (VAR has a zero-landfill policy)

No Fees – Unlike other ITAD Service Providers, VAR does not charge fees for *Data Destruction, Detailed Product Audits (Includes Configuration, Serial Numbers, Disposition and Resale), Removal of Company Asset Tags or E-Waste Disposal

As the name indicates, Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. is a diversity vendor and a NaVOBA Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business. But our name also reflects that we are industry veterans, with decades of experience in creating innovative solutions that utilize best-in-class operations and channels to assist clients in their engagement with the secondary market.

On behalf of our team of military and industry veterans, we appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Michael Schuler
Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc.
NaVOBA Certified – Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SDVBE)
(469) 217-8058 Direct * (940) 300-1749 Mobile