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Thank You to Everybody who Help keep

Moving Forward in 2019!!! 

Visit their Websites!!!

Bill Wischnewsky (Ret) Army SF

Owner, Lightning Graphics Columbus, GA

Bill has been a great friend and big supporter of LLC and ThankYouforYourService.US LLC since Dec 2005.

“I was born in Houston TX and lived there till I joined the Army in 1974. I served in Airborne units and special operation my entire time. I retired in 1994 and started a construction company. Within 5 years we were doing 15 million a year. I thought I was ready to retire so I sold it.

Within a year I was going crazy with nothing to do so I started another small trophy business to service our soldiers. I then started up Lightning Graphics (LGA) and and got into photography and custom framing and it exploded.

We now serve our soldiers with custom framing, pictures, making movies of special schools, and making custom screen printing on all types of clothes.”

William (Bill) Wischnewsky
US Army Retired
LGA and, Inc
Columbus, GA 31907

“If you don’t want to stand behind our soldiers, feel free to stand in front of them”


Colin Clark

Colin Clark is a longtime Friend and Supporter of those who Serve(d) our Country.

Colin has been helping LLC for over 10 years and ThankYouforYourService.US. His help and advice has been a big part of the TalkingwithHeroes Mission being what it is today.

Colin Clark based  in Colorado is a successful business man, and son of Judge William Clark who was National Security Advisor in the Reagan Administration.

See Book – The Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top Hand by Paul Kengor

Eric Chia, Owner

I have been involved with web design, internet marketing, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization, and internet business applications since 1995. I love the internet and enjoy what I am doing helping small businesses with their internet marketing and website development projects.

I have been involved with since day one. I cannot do enough to thank our troops who are defending our freedoms every day. They deserved our 100% support and those disagreed with this should move and live in another country.

My goal in life is to use the skills that God has given me to help others and spread the love of Jesus. I am involved with Project Partner ( volunteering my time supporting its activities as well as designing and maintaining the Project Partner website.

Eric Chia