Non Profit website ReLaunching to Help Many Non Profit website ReLaunching to Help Many

ThankYouforYourService.US LLC

Colorado Corporation

Federal 501C3


Our New Thank You for Your Service website will be for, by and about those who Serve(d) – military, veterans, first responders, families, caregivers, military support, veterans’ groups and businesses. will help Military Support and Veterans Non-Profits – Groups and First Responder organizations with getting their mission information out to more who are or have served and their Families. We will help For-Profit Businesses who are Hiring Veterans and Military Spouses and who are helping Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) and Non-Profit Support Groups. There will be a new section to help Veterans and more find great careers/jobs. 

ThankYouforYourService.US was our News Site for over 12 years. Articles included from DOD and other Military and Veterans Sites plus from many of the Military and Veterans Non profits across the Country. Plus articles were posted from Companies seeking to Hire Veterans, Military Spouses and More. Thank You for Your Service non profit relaunched website will have a bigger and expanded mission. We will continue our 15 year mission by collaborating with more military support and veterans’ groups, foundations and for-profit businesses across America.

Our Rebuilt (by long time friend Eric Chia) will offer those who honor, help and support those who serve(d) our country an effective means to better share their inspirational stories with our nation.

More information on our 15 year history can be found at:

Thank You

Bob Calvert, Founder