About Us, Board of Directors, Advisory Team

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About US

Board of Directors and Advisory Team


501 C-3

EIN 30-0994065 (Nonprofit EIN)

Our Mission for 15 years since December 2005 was to help Military Service members, Veterans, First Responders, their Families, Supporters and more with our www.TalkingwithHeroes.com Talk Shows and ThankYouforYourService.US Non Profit National Resource website to be Re Launched in 2022.

This Rebuilt site will Feature resources on PTSD, TBI, suicide prevention, helping Homeless Veterans, about Military and Veteran Support Organizations, Companies Hiring and/or Helping those who Serve(d), Podcasts, Audio and Video Programs, Available Jobs, Help with Small Business information and much more. Organizations and others will be able to Register their Sites with information including their website and social media information.

With the rebuilt site we will also have info on our new Board of Directors, our New Leadership Team  and when NEW Video Program Hosts will relaunch. 

www.thankyouforyourservice.us was our News Site for a dozen years. It will now become a National Resource site. And TalkingwithHeroes.com will operate under the umbrella of our 501 C3 www.thankyouforyourservice.us LLC. 

Below is some history on our Missions that began December 2005: 

Bob Calvert, the Founder of www.thankyouforYourService.us started our Missions to Support those who Serve(d) and Families with weekly audio programs on www.talkingwithheroes.com  Dec 2005. His audio and video interviews were with active duty military, veterans, military support, families and more.

From 2006-2011 Bob made five trips to Iraq and three to Afghanistan going on Missions with our Troops. As of April 13, 2021 586, 818 have watched our videos on YouTube. Even with all Bobs Health Challenges this past years, We have still been averaging 2,000+ viewers per month for years now!! 

Bobs last trip to Iraq and Afghanistan was late 2011. Since 2012, (in between surgeries) Bob produced many videos with Military Support and Veterans Groups from across America setting aside politics and locking arms when it comes to Honoring, Thanking and Supporting those who serve and have served and their Families. Watch our Videos at: www.youtube.com/bobc9246

Founder, Bob Calvert is a member of a military family. His dad was a WWII Veteran who served in the Navy on an aircraft carrier. Bob’s brother and sister-in-law also served in the military. Bob’s daughter and son-in-law served in the Army. Bob’s son-in-law is an Iraq veteran, with two deployments to Iraq. Bob’s Brother and Sister N Law both Served in the Air Force and his Brother also Served in the Army with a Deployment to Afghanistan. 

After 15 years of dedication to bringing the voices of active military members and veterans to the American public and despite 7 Surgeries and Stage4Cancer since 2012, and late Oct 2020 Bob was infected with Corona Virus. It was a rough three weeks and since then Bob has been dealing with what is being called around the world Covid Long, with memory loss and breathing challenges. This month April 2022 I met with some local Veterans and I am excited about what we should be able to announce soon. 

Bob at 75 has been planning what he calls a transition continuing our mission for the next 15 years and more. We will expand our mission by including Military and Veterans and Families and also all First Responders and Essential Workers.  Stay tuned for announcements!! 

We believe it is important for Americans to be able to set aside politics and do everything we can to support our troops, veterans and their families. It is an honor to do this!! Our Mission goes on and will Continue for Decades to come with New Leadership!!! 

For Individuals, Companies and Non Profits who would be interested in Helping with our ongoing missions and to be Thanked on ThankYouforYOURService.US please email Bob Calvert and lets talk: bob@talkingwithheroes.com 

       THANK YOU To the following for helping keep Talking with Heroes moving forward from the beginning:

*20-year (Ret) Army Veteran Bill Wischnewsky, a very good friend of Bob is the owner of Lighting Graphics in Columbus, GA www.lightninggraphicsga.com Bill is President of TalkingwithHeroes.com and he has been helping with our mission for over 13 years. 

*Colin Clark in Colorado is a businessman. He has been helping with our missions for over 13 years. Colin is the son of Judge William Clark who was National Security Advisor in the Reagan Administration. See Book – The Judge William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top Hand by Paul Kengorhttps://www.amazon.com/Judge-William-ClarkRonaldReagans/dp/1586171836/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537800387&sr=8-1&keywords=Judge+William+Clark+Book

*Eric Chia owner www.chiaweb.com Eric works with and help many companies both in the USA and overseas. His company makes and markets worldwide many products as well as web services. He took care of our websites since Dec 2005 for about a dozen years and helped in many ways over the years.

Board of Directors

Bob Calvert is the Founder of www.talkingwithheroes.com and our nonprofit www.thankyouforyourservice.us . He started TalkingwithHeroes.com Dec 2005. He never served in the military but like many Americans people in his family did. His Dad served in WWII on an Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific. His youngest brother Ted served in the Air Force and years later in the Army where he had an Afghanistan deployment. He Commanded Soldiers at Ft Sam Houston and he retired in 2018. Teds wife served in the Air Force.

Bob’s Daughter served in the Army and his Son n Law served in the Army with two long Iraq Deployments – one from Ft Riley for 12 months and the second from Ft Carson for 15 months.

In 2006 to 2011 Bob with a videographer made 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan. Our brave men and women talked on video about what they do to help the people in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have hundreds of videos on www.youtube.com/bobc9246  Over 500,000 people have watched one or more videos. Bob is now 74 and since his last trip to Iraq and Afghanistan he has had 7 surgeries, has stage4cancer, a breathing program and as of the end of October 2020 CoronaVirus which we believe is gone now as of Dec 20 2020.

Despite being disabled the Mission Bob started with the help over the years from key long term sponsors and great friends Colin Clark and Army Veteran Bill Wischnewsky still continues. TalkingwithHeroes and ThankYouforYourService.us started in 2005 continues and with collaboration of our Board of Directors and Advisory Team and other, will result in many more Military, Veterans and First Responders being helped. Bob has been working on a transition plan with our Board Members that will assure that our mission will continue for decades to come. To contact Bob: bob@talkingwithheroes.com

Adrienne Knights

United States Army Veteran from October 2002 to May 2004. She is a Military Spouse; Mom of four wonderful children and has had a Home Based Business. Since her Army Service she has used her knowledge and skills in Medical Related companies including Hospice Care  and in a Technical School in Colorado Springs and now managing a Doctors Office.

Adrienne and Her Army Combat Veteran Husband Keith have benefited from Military Support Groups including Project Sanctuary, Operation Heal our Patriots and recently the Colorado chapter of Wounded Warrior Project. Adrienne’s Dad Bob Calvert is very grateful for their help over the years.

GORDON SUMNER PhD Colonel USA (Retired)

President & CEO of Veterans Moving forward, http://www.vetsfwd.org a nonprofit providing service and emotional support dogs to veterans at no cost.

He is founder of Gordon Sumner Consulting, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and American Indian Small Business. A member of the Santee Tribe, Dr. Sumner has supported various veteran supportive nonprofits, small veteran owned, and service-disabled veteran owned small businesses. Dr. Sumner, a decorated combat veteran, is the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal (V), Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He also holds the Army Master Aviator badge, the Master Parachutist badge and the Ranger Tab.

Larry Fontaine Ross Jr.

A venture capitalist and managing partner with Chatfield P.C.S. a venture capital firm based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also a real estate investor and eXp realty expert helping hundreds to thousands of realtors across the country obtain ownership and increased profit margins.

Mr. Ross Jr. hails from a military family, born in Ancón, Panama City, Panama at Gorgas hospital which, at that time, was run and operated by the United States Army. Mr. Ross Jr’s mother, Mrs. Ross from South Korea, met Mr. Ross Jr’s father while his father served in our active-duty military. Dr. Ross Sr. is a retired Lt. Colonel. He served over 20 years in the United States Army. Mr. Ross Jr.’s sister, the youngest of 4, currently works for the United States Federal Government and served 4 years in the Army as well. And Much More!!


Colin Clark

Colin Clark is a longtime Friend and Supporter of those who Serve(d) our Country. Colin has been helping TalkingwithHeroes.com LLC for over since the very beginning and Thank You for Your Service. His help and advice has been a big part of the Talking with Heroes Mission being what it is today.

Colin Clark based in Colorado is a successful business man, and son of Judge William Clark who was National Security Advisor in the Reagan Administration. See this Book – The Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top Hand by Paul Kengor


For more info contact Bob Calvert, Founder:


www.thankyouforyourservice.us Non Profit with an Expanded Mission!







email: bob@talkingwithheroes.com